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  • Cognizant AI

    Cognizant AI

    We help clients create highly-personalized digital experiences, products and services at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

  • Matthew Powers

    Matthew Powers

    Spark coder, live in Colombia / Brazil / US, love Scala / Python / Ruby, working on empowering Latinos and Latinas in tech

  • Koushik Sen

    Koushik Sen

    Like to solve business problems with proven combinations of Azure services with Azure Databricks and related products.

  • Ali Masri

    Ali Masri

    Big Data Engineer @ Ford Motors Company. https://alimasri.github.io

  • Jeff Hollan

    Jeff Hollan

    Senior PM Lead for Microsoft Azure Functions. I help build cloud stuff, and love serverless. Thoughts shared are my own.

  • Chris Fregly

    Chris Fregly

    Founder & Research Engineer at PipelineAI, a real-time Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Startup based in San Francisco. Former Netflix & Databricks.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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